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Walmart Incident Report


Today is April 5th time is now 1:25 pm.

Get up this morning to prepare for my closing that I have at 2:00 pm for the purchase of  a property located at 8209 Taylor road, Riverdale GA 30274. How is that for a news story. My name is Corey Turner and I would like to say that technology does have error. Many people in the world today trust, believe and live by modern technology to handle their financial transactions. How do I know this? Because I was one on those people who trusted technology until my vist to a local Walmart on 04/05/2011 @ 11:00 am. My day was stating off well. I woke up this morning via God and I made it to the day of my closing on my house. I was going to closing at 2:00 pm. Everything was good, all needed to do was bring $2000 to the closing table and go into work early.


I went into my local Walmart store to purchase products. Not only did I not get the chance to purchase my products, but I also ended up loosing $1000 to Walmarts quick service ATM machine. My good day instantly turned into a nightmare. I lost money form time at work, $1000 cash, had to borrowed $1000 with interest attached and was late for my closing.  I ended up getting my $1000 back but got nothing for my inconvenience. What a shitty deal.

On my way to work I needed to purchase some hair jell and denatured alcohol and get money order for $2000 to go to closing today. So to save time I make a stop at my local Walmart store located on Howell Mill road in Atlanta GA. I walk into Walmart at 11:01 am and go over to the customer service area where I noticed a ATM machine where it is quick service to purchase money orders as well as perform other transactions. So I decided to use the machine. The machine states that the money orders can only be purchased at $500 increments at a time. So I select the option to purchase my first money order of $500. I input $500 in cash which was broken down into $5, and $20 increments. I deposited my cash into the machine and got my first money order of $500 (R202661700296). I received my money order and receipt. Then I follow that transaction with another transaction to purchase $500, which was in increments of $20, $50.I deposit y cash and I received my second $500 money order (R202661700307) and my receipt. Now I go to make my third purchase for another $500 money order and noticed that the machine provides you the option to make multiple purchases in one transaction. So to save time I select to purchase another $500 money order. Now I have a total due of $1001.20. So I put cash into to the machine in increments of $100 bills to complete my purchase. After inputting the cash, a message on the screen pops up and state that for my protection a Walmart associate is need to finish the transaction. So I turned to the customer service rep and ask her to asset me in completing my purchase. The customer service rep comes over to the ATM and enters her code and the machine states that I have exceeded my daily limit. Then the screen goes back to the  home screen as if I was at the beginning stage of my transaction. There were no receipt printed or no money order deployed from the machine. So  the customer service rep call over the customer service supervisor and the cs supervisor pulls a a report from the machine. The machine prints the report and the customer service manager says that the report doesn't show my last transaction for the the 1000 money order that I purchase. The cs supervisor ask another rep to assist him with opening the atm and counting the money within the atm. The cs supervisor count money from the atm and calls for management. So the cs supervisor comes over to me and states the the loss prevention reps were in court and that I would have to wait until they get out of court in order for them to review the security cameras. Well I have a closing at 2 pm. and I'm out of $1000 for my closing. So I asked the cs supervisor to contact the store manager and get him or her to come up to resolve thus problem. I sit and wait 30 minutes for the assistant manager to come up to asset. She comes up and started that they have to go thru procedures tot count all the money and view the video tapes. So it sit and wait while the perform the procedures.  The assistant manager comes out the office and states to me that they counted the money and viewed the report of the transactions on the machine. She now explain to me that the machine states that my first two transactions are cash and that my last transaction was done via debit card which was declined. I  proceed to inform that that I never used a debit card nor did I ever even pull out my wallet to do so. Now I'm realt upset and she informs me that they still need to view the tapes and that would take a day. So I call Atlanta police department to do a incident report. The officer arrives and states to me that the matter is civil and it's a issue between ,myself and Walmart. He was not able to write a report. Then a associate form the loss prevention department comes up and try's to explain the same thing that the assistant manager stated that was on the machine journal. I then proceed to gather all the names of the Walmart associates involved and call Walmart corporate offices to make a complaint.


Report completed at 1:59 pm 04/05/2011


Mike caster 770-993-0533 or7706451216


Came into Walmart at 11:01 to purchase money orders for a closing appointment that had had schedule for 2:00 pm today. I walk up to the machine and I did two individual transactions for $500 each I receive money orders and receipts. I went to purchase another $1000.

Kelley-assistant manager
Damon- customer supervisor
Janece- asset protection 404-352-5252 Ext 100
Camay- customer service rep
Shane- asset protection manager
Customer Service: 1800-Walmart


Damon stated that the machine was serviced a hour prior to my use of it. 10:00pm

Contact store today 04/05/2011 @ 6:25 pm.
Spoke with Kelly and was informed that the APT have not been viewed yet and that I will be contacted when they have viewed the video.


*Contact store today 04/06/2011 @ 12:30 pm.
Spoke with MOD: inform me that the video have not been reviewed by the APT yet and that someone will call me once they have viewed it.


* Well I finally got a call back from one of the managers from the Howell Mill Walmart. The did view the tapes and determine that i was telling the truth. I went to get my $1000 refund. I made sure that i had my pen video camera to record them refunding my money.

1800-869-1123 governors office of consumer affairs.